Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station
Silver Spring's first railroad station, built in 1878, shown in a 1943 photo.
Courtesy Montgomery County Historical Society
The new Silver Spring railroad station under construction.  It was built on the foundation of the old station to conserve materials during World War II. 
From The Evening Star, December 11, 1945.  Courtesy the Washingtoniana Division, MLK Library.
Silver Spring's B&O railroad station today.  An errant automobile crashed into the station in February 1997, destroying the Georgia Avenue entrance.  Damaged beyond repair was the wooden door and side light windows.  An original limestone pilaster and brickwork were severely damaged.  Rescued by concerned citizenry from demolition, the station is now owned by Montgomery Preservation, Inc., a county wide, non profit historic preservation organization. Currently undergoing restoration, the station will reopen in the fall of 2002 and function initially as a temporary MARC commuter station.  In the future the railroad station will become a visitors' center/Silver Spring history museum on the planned Metropolitan Branch Hiker-Biker Trail.
Photos by Jerry A. McCoy
(left  South side of station taken May 29, 2002.  right Georgia Avenue side of station taken February 1997. 
below left Georgia Avenue entrance undergoing reconstruction, taken May 29, 2002.)
clockwise  1. Restored limestone pilaster which had been broken into three pieces.  2. Newly installed handicapped ramp.  3. Air-conditioning ductwork awaiting installation.  Former East bound waiting room in background. 
4. Original fluorescent ceiling lights from baggage room await reinstallation
Photos by Jerry A. McCoy, taken May 29, 2002
below  View of the passenger waiting room looking toward the Georgia Avenue entrance (with fanlight above door).  Door on left leads to baggage room.  Area behind plywood is the ticket cage.  Darker area of ceiling is freshly applied plaster which replaced water-damaged area.
Photomontage by Jerry A. McCoy, taken May 29, 2002.
right  Baggage room with period baggage wagon acquired by MPI.  The wagon was restored by Christime Morgan and Patrick Sidwell.  Doorways from left to right lead to the agent-operator's office, the ticket office, and the passenger waiting room.
Photomontage by Jerry A. McCoy, taken May 29, 2002.
below  Wooden cabinets in ticket office encased in plywood for protection during renovation.
Photo by Jerry A. McCoy, taken May 29, 2002
below Possibly original boiler in basement which was excavated in 1878 for station which occupied same footprint as 1945 station.
Photo by Jerry A. McCoy, taken May 29, 2002
below left Intricately designed heating grate in floor of baggage room (wouldn't this design look great reproduced as an ornament?).
Photo by Jerry A. McCoy, taken May 29, 2002
Embossed CALVERT bricks, manufactured in Williamsport, MD, were used in the construction of the station.
Photo by Jerry A. McCoy, taken May 29, 2002
right  This 1936 brochure announced thru train service to and from the west.  Thru train service allowed passengers to avoid having to utilize Union Station in Washington, DC.  To open the brochure, click on it (then hit your "Back" button to return to this page).
Courtesy Washingtoniana Division, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, Washington, DC