Silver Spring:  Then & Again
In March of 2003 Jerry A. McCoy began writing a monthly feature for the new Silver Spring Voice newspaper called Silver Spring: Then & Again.  Anyone who passes through downtown Silver Spring cannot help but be struck by the changes that seem to be occurring everywhere.  With this change comes the inevitable loss of the old.  Sometimes this is all to the good, as in the case of surface parking lots being replaced with much needed commercial establishments.  But sometimes the losses to our community's historic fabric can be disturbing, as was the 1998 demolition of the 1927 Silver Spring be replaced with (yet another!) parking garage.

In Silver Spring: Then & Again you will be able to relive a Silver Spring that you perhaps never knew existed (and sometimes might wish still did).  Through the pairing of vintage images from the archives of the Silver Spring Historical Society with their contemporary twins, it is hoped that the visitor to downtown Silver Spring will be able to see "with a third eye" vestiges of our past.

If you have period photographs of downtown Silver Spring that you would like to be considered for Silver Spring:  Then & Again, please contact the SSHS at sshistory (at) or write SSHS, PO Box 1160, Silver Spring, MD, 20910-1160.

Silver Spring Summer Home/Blair Station Post Office - August, 2003
Tastee Diner/Discovery - March, 2003
Brookeville Ave./Georgia Ave. - June, 2003
Silver Theatre/AFI - April, 2003
Little Tavern/Pyramid Atlantic - May, 2003
Guardian Building/Empty Lot - July, 2003 (Link Under Construction)

Falklands Summer Home/Giant Parking Lot - September, 2003
The Moorings Summer Home/Jesup Blair Park - October, 2003
Colesville Road, Christmas 1950/Christmas 2003 - December, 2003
Falkland Apartment/Lenox Park Apartment - November, 2003
Gulf Oil Gas Station/Jemal's Mini Mall - February, 2004

Texaco Station/American Nurses Association - March, 2004
Silver Spring Shopping Center Circa 1940/2004 - April, 2004
Seco Theater/Bethel World Outreach Ministries - May, 2004
Vintage Silver Spring Business Matchbooks - June, 2004
Silver Spring History Trivia Contest - July, 2004
"Remembering Blair Cabin" - August, 2004 (First Page)
"Remembering Blair Cabin" - August, 2004 (Second Page)
Corner Stone Stories Part I - September, 2004 (Link Under Construction)
Corner Stone Stories Part II - October, 2004 (Link Under Construction)
"Shades of Purple Line" - November, 2004
Gifford's/Quality Time - March, 2005
"Early Silver Spring as I Remember" - February, 2005
"In Memoriam: Judy Reardon - January, 2005
April 5, 1923 Silver Spring Tornado - April, 2005
Happy 50th Birthday, Acorn Park! - May, 2005