C.  Freight door of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's Silver Spring, Maryland passenger station, opened December 16, 1945.  Published in a limited edition of 500 Copyright 1995 by Jerry A. McCoy. 
Price $1.00
G.  A construction crane marks the future site of Discovery Communications Inc.  The 555,000 square ft., $160 million international headquarters will occupy 3.4 acres on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Colesville Road in downtown Silver Spring, MD.  Photographed May 22, 2001.  Published in a limited edition of 250.  Copyright 2001 by Jerry A. McCoy.  Price $0.75
D.  Silver Spring, Maryland's Tastee Diner, located at 8516 Georgia Avenue, is a classic example of commercial Art Deco/Modern machine age architecture.  Constructed in 1946 by Jerry O'Mahoney Inc. of Elixabeth, NJ, the diner was designated a Montgomery County Historic Landmark in 1994.  Known for "24 Hour Service," it remained open during the Blizzard of '96.  Photographed January 9, 1996.  Published in a limited edition of 500 (less than a dozen available!).  Copyright 1996 by Jerry A. McCoy.  Price $5.00
F.  Approaching Georgia Avenue a Red Line Metrorail train passes Silver Spring, Maryland's 1945 Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Station on its way to Washington, DC.  Photographed May 22, 2001.  Published in a limited edition of 250. Copyright 2001 by Jerry A. McCoy.  
Price $0.75
E.  At 5:38 p.m. on February 16, 1996, Maryland Rail Commuter train #286 collided with Amtrak's Capitol Limited train #29 in Silver Spring, MD, killing 11 MARC passengers.  MARC engine #73 was pushing three passenger cars east when the lead car hit Amtrak's engine, which had just begun its track crossover at a switch.  In the distance is the 16th Street bridge and downtown Silver Spring.  Photographed 10:30 a.m. February 18, 1996.  Published in a limited edition of 1000.  Copyright 1996 by Jerry A. McCoy.  Price $1.00
B.  Built in 1946, architect Walter Monroe Cory's Canada Dry Bottling Plant, located at 1201 East-West Highway in Silver Spring, MD, is the finest example of industrial Streamline Art Deco architecture in Montgomery County.  Circa 1946 photo courtesy of LDG Inc., Silver Spring, MD.  Published in a limited edition of 500.  
Price $0.75
A.  Designed in 1938 by John Eberson the Silver Theatre, located at 8619 Colesville Road in Silver Spring, MD, will be the future East Coast home of the American Film Institute.  Photographed September 16, 1938.  Photo courtesy of The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection, The Wolfsonian-Florida International University, Miama Beach, FL.  Published in a limited edition of 500.  
Price $0.75
Gifts from the 
Silver Spring Historical Society
J. This philatelic envelope commemorates the 100th anniversary of the establishment on the Silver Spring Post Office and the appointment of Gist Blair (1860-1940) as its first postmaster on May 5, 1899.  Blair was the son of Montgomery Blair, President Abraham Lincoln's postmaster general, and the grandson of Francis Preston Blair, founder of Silver Spring.  The ornate Silver Spring Maryland text in the cancellation is reproduced from the engraved entry facade of the former 1936 Silver Spring Post Office, located at 8412 Georgia Avenue.  The post office's 1937 New Deal mural The Old Tavern by Nicolai Cikovsky was relocated to the Silver Spring Library, 8901 Colesvile Road, in 1997.  Price $3.00
If you wish to order, click here for an order form you can mail to us.
If you wish to order, click here for an order form and mail it to us.
H.  Published for the release of the documentary Silver Spring: Story of an American Suburb.
Price $3.00
I.  This 128-page soft-cover book contains over 200 vintage photographs depicting downtown Silver Spring and the bordering neighborhood of E. Silver Spring (originally named Silver Spring Park...didn't know that, huh?).  Book will be autographed.  PLEASE INCLUDE $5.00 EXTRA FOR MAILING OF THIS ITEM ONLY. 
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NOTE:  Items A - H are postcards.
K. & L.The following five historical scenes of Silver Spring are available reproduced on notecards (with envelope) or as postcards.  
K.  Notecards $1.50 each 
L.  Postcard   $0.50 each 
M.  This 96-page soft-cover book contains over 90 paired "Then & Now" photographs depicting downtown Silver Spring's Georgia Avenue, Colesville Road, East-West Highway, Eastern Avenue, Silver Spring Park, and Fenton Village.  Book will be autographed.  PLEASE INCLUDE $5.00 EXTRA FOR MAILING OF THIS ITEM ONLY. 
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